We are at present catering the needs of the Medical Fraternity.  We are offering range of products primarily for Air Sterilization of the different closed rooms especially, Operation Theaters and ICUs. 

Our current range is :

Tri-State Medical UV Air Sterilizer

This was primarily designed in 1995-96 to cater the needs of Surgeons who are at risk of Cross-Infections while operating as well as to prevent infection of operated sites.

It was also designed to prevent infection for patients with lower immunity to to indifferent health and recovering in Hospital/residence.

Tri-State Herman Deo-Sterilizer

This was designed subsequently for Dentals Clinics and ICU along with the household use for Removing the Bad Smell as well as to sterile the room so as to avoid the infections.  It has been proved very effective in Trauma Wards and NICU.



A sophisticated Steam Inhaler to be used for Cough, Cold and sore throat.  It is far better than traditional way of taking the steam and safer design allows it to be used continuously, particularly for senior citizens.


Heating Pads

Domestic Heating Pads which 2 sizes i.e.  Large and Small.  Mostly, recommended for Consumers.


SUJAL Water Purifier (Newly Launched)

This is an all new designed Water Purifier which will serve Both the Communities at the same time with different look, design and pricing.